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The Grower Packer Shipper division of Oakes Farms currently operates out of five industrial buildings that encompass over 138,000 sq.ft. of state-of-the-art facilities located in Eastern Collier County.

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What We Grow

Chile Peppers
Chile Peppers

With over 76 Chile pepper varities, Oakes Farms is the largest Chile pepper grower in Florida.

Chile Pepper specialties:

Jalapeno, Cubanelle, Long Hot, Finger Hot, Poblano, Anaheim, Fresno (Red, Orange, Yellow), Serrano, Shishito, Hungarian Wax, Habanero (Orange, Red), Pencil Hot (Red, Orange, Yellow), Cherry Hot (Red, Yellow), Gypsy, Caribe, Padron, Santa Fe, Mini Sweets, Shepherd Pepper

Bell Pepper
Bell Peppers

Oakes Farms has an abundance of SKUs when it comes to bell pepper.


Oakes Farms grows the following eggplant varieties listed below.

Eggplant specialties:

Purple, Italian, Indian, Thai, Dominican, Albino, Sicilian, Chinese

Beefsteak tomato at greengrocer shop

Oakes Farms grows and packs all styles of tomatoes from 5lm to single layer 10lb, and much more!


Oakes Farms grows a wide variety of squash.

Squash specialties:

Yellow straight neck, Yellow crook neck, Gold bar, Zucchini, Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti, Kabocha, Orangetti


Oakes Farms grows watermelon in Florida seasonally.

How We Grow

Oakes Farms operates its growing and farming divisions in a manner that respects the long-term health and well-being of the environment, the land, our partners and the community.

For this reason, we created the “Seed to Table” concept, which illustrates the company’s innovative agribusiness model. This naturally ideal and proprietary process starts its journey in our fields, farms, nurseries and greenhouses located in South Central Florida and ends in retail markets and commercial kitchens across the country.

Additionally, Oakes Farms cultivates many varieties of fruits and vegetables on over 1,800 acres of conventional farmland and over 20 acres of certified organic fields.


Oakes Farms’ field locations in South Florida enjoy nearly year round growth and harvest activity. In Delaware, our fields yield seasonally with alternative reliance on controlled nursery methods, when necessary.


Oakes Farms’ greenhouse farming is a versatile tool in the company’s overall agribusiness portfolio as our farmers can narrow or extend the harvest season of many fruits and vegetables.


Several large, computer-regulated aquaponic containers help Oakes Farms raise tilapia and shrimp. This system allows us to control all stages of operations with methods that mimic an ideal climate and environment.

We Employ Drip Irrigation For Optimal Water Conservation, GPS Navigation For Distribution Of Pest Control And Fertilizers, Advanced Filtration For PH Stabilization, And A Severe Weather Preparedness Action Plan To Anticipate And Initiate Control Systems In An Effort To Avoid Threats That May Disturb, Damage Or Destroy Our Commodities.

Packaging Services

One more way we are making it easy for your produce needs

Whether you need a box or a bushel, Oakes Farms will design and pack orders based on any custom package specifications. The level of customization extends to commodity size, variety and harvest status. Additionally, Oakes Farms offers Private Label opportunities on all items (Bulk, Bagged, Clamshell, Tray Packed, etc.)

Poly Bag Chile Program

Oakes Farms has many offerings and combo packs for our Poly Bag Chile Program. If there is a specific combination you would like that we don't offer, we absolutely can customize it to suit your needs. The mixed combination poly bag program offers an excellent opportunity for Produce Managers to stand behind promoting diversity and variety with minimal shrinkage and faster turns at store level, in addition to teaching your customer how to prepare and serve each item.

Straight Commodity Combinations
12-10oz Jalapeno 12-12oz Serrano
12-14oz Mixed Chile (Fresno, Serrano, Caribe) 12-16oz Cubanelle
12-4oz Habanero 12-24oz Cubanelle
12-10oz Shishito 12-20oz Poblano
12-10oz Hungarian Wax 12-20oz Hungarian Wax
12-10oz Red Fresno 12-16oz Tomatillo
Mixed Combinations
Combo A.) 6-10oz Jalapeno, 6-4oz Habanero Combo M.) 6-12oz Serrano, 6-4oz Habanero
Combo B.) 6-10oz Jalapeno, 6-12oz Serrano Combo N.) 6-12oz Serrano, 6-10oz Shishito
Combo C.) 6-10oz Jalapeno, 6-14oz Mixed Chile Combo O.) 6-12oz Serrano, 6-10oz Fresno
Combo D.) 6-10oz Jalapeno, 3-10oz Shishito, 3-14oz Mixed Chile Combo P.) 6-20oz Poblano, 6-16oz Cubanelle
Combo E.) 3-10oz Jalapeno, 3-10oz Shishito, 3-14oz Mixed Chile, 3-4oz Habanero Combo Q.) 6-20oz Poblano, 6-24oz Cubanelle
Combo F.) 6-14oz Mixed Chile, 6-12oz Serrano Combo R.) 6-20oz Poblano, 6-20oz Hungarian Wax
Combo G.) 6-14oz Mixed Chile, 3-12oz Serrano, 3-4oz Habanero Combo S.) 6-4oz Habanero, 3-12oz Serrano, 3-10oz Fresno
Combo H.) 6-14oz Mixed Chile, 6-4oz Habanero Combo T.) 6-10oz Fresno Red, 6-10oz Fresno Mixed Colors
Combo I.) 3-14oz Mixed Chile, 3-10oz Jalapeno, 3-4oz Habanero, 3-10oz Hungarian Wax Combo U.) 6-10oz Hungarian Wax, 6-10oz Fresno Red
Combo J.) 6-10oz Shishito, 6-10oz Hungarian Wax Combo V.) 6-10oz Hungarian Wax, 6-16oz Cubanelle
Combo K.) 6-10oz Shishito, 6-4oz Habanero Combo W.) 6-10oz Hungarian Wax, 6-4oz Habanero
Combo L.) 6-10oz Shishito, 3-14oz Mixed Chile, 3-12oz Serrano Combo X.) 3-10oz Hungarian Wax, 3-4oz Habanero, 3-10oz Fresno

Clamshell Program

Oakes Farms offers a Clamshell Program featuring the commodities listed below.

Clamshell Program
Tomatoes Serrano Pepper
Cherry Tomatoes Habanero Pepper
Red Grape Tomatoes Ghost Pepper
Yellow Grape Tomatoes Scorpion Pepper

Over Wrap Tray Program

Oakes Farms has a state of the art Over Wrap Tray Program featuring the items listed below.

Over Wrap Tray Program
14oz Indian Eggplant Rainbow Pepper
14oz Chinese Eggplant Stoplight Pepper
4-Pack Value Tomatoes 8oz Okra
And much more

Shipping Services

We deliver to you!

Beyond a large fleet of trucks that originate from our distribution center in South Florida, Oakes Farms provides trucking delivery coordination services between farms and grocers across the U.S.